Jason’s guitars are rapidly-becoming some of the most sought- after guitars to hit the market. From the perspective of all that know him – if it can be made, if it can be fixed, if it needs a solution, Jason Lawalin is the guy to see.


“A few years ago, I had this crazy idea…I’ve been playing bass guitar in several local bands for nearly 20 years. After fixing and modifying so many of them to accommodate my needs, I should try to build my own bass guitar. How could I accomplish this with little knowledge of woodworking?

Then it hit me. I had been working with composite materials almost as long as I had been playing music and I’m very good at it. So I thought I should stick to what I know. My first bass was made out of cultured marble. The tone and sustain was amazing, which was a pleasant surprise. Not so pleasant was the weight…16 pounds!

Back to the drawing board…

I began to experiment with other composite materials with the goal of keeping the tone and sustain while reducing the weight. After much trial and error, I found the right combination of materials. Current builds now weigh less than most wood guitars. And better yet, the tone is fantastic. I began building 6 string guitars and after some positive feedback from some well-respected musicians, I added several guitar models to my selection. As I continue to build guitars and basses, I also continue to try new ideas and concepts. I’m always experimenting, learning, and trying new concepts. I’m a perfectionist. I like to get it right the first time.”